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Seeking counseling is a courageous act. You should feel safe and supported in counseling. Know that I will treat you with kindness, gentleness, and care.I’m glad you’re here.

Counseling is a process. Sometimes getting to the first appointment brings relief. The first few appointments are a time for you to share your concerns as well as what you would like to see different through counseling.

I’ll ask some questions and get to know a bit more about you or your child. We’ll talk about your faith background and whether it’s important to you to have Christian practices included in your counseling.

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Knowing what you want changed is important. You might have some ideas or need help sorting things out. Together we’ll decide on personalized goals to help you resolve your concern.

Having goals will help keep us on track and know that we are making progress. Goals are also great to look back on when you’re feeling stuck (that’s normal!). Goals achieved tell us how far you’ve come!

Here’s something really important to know ~ goals must be positive! Growth is hard when you focus on what is "wrong" or past failures. You have some wonderful strengths within you. Let's maximize them!

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Laura D Knopp, MSW, LICSW

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I am enthusiastic about helping others find their way through challenges. We all have them! Of all the means I have tapped into for change in my own life, my Christian faith and certainty of God’s love for me has brought about the most powerful and enduring changes. It has brought me through and carried me in difficult times.

Scripture exhorts us to “take every thought captive.” Did you know that secular psychology holds similar principles? Educated and trained in both psychological and Christian disciplines, I can help you to find the most effective means to move through the concern that brought you to counseling.

For those clients desiring it, Christian tenets, including scripture and prayer, can be a part of your counseling experience. While it is important for you to know the worldview that informs my work, all are welcome to inquire about counseling options with me. Together we can determine if I am a good fit as your therapist. I look forward to meeting you!

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In therapy, your care is personalized to provide you the best opportunity to increase your well-being. Evidence-based strategies and interventions are used to support you on your journey towards improved health in spirit, mind, and body. You will find a calm, peaceful, and supportive environment where you can feel safe and heard.

Therapy is a process. It will take time. Please be patient with yourself. Your active participation and commitment can increase the effectiveness and benefits of therapy. Therapy offers you an opportunity to move toward finding your best self. You may find your attitude improves and that you have more positive feelings about life situations as your thoughts and beliefs change.

The small changes you make in therapy will help to alleviate difficult feelings such as sadness, fear, and worry. At the same time, you can begin to cope more readily with life's challenges and the concerns that brought you to therapy. Your hard work in therapy can bring life-enhancing results. You may find a brighter, happier future.

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